About Us

by Sarah

Americaneagle-bikes is a team of passionate foodies who have been experimenting with different dishes from different parts of the world. We want to share what we learn and help others recreate our recipes at home. In this blog you will find an array of cuisines ranging from Indian, Chinese, Italian to desserts and drinks. Our secret ingredient is Love!

Americaneagle-bikes was launched on Feb 22nd, 2015 by Maria and her friends, by curating and re-creating recipes from cookbooks and other websites and blogs. She started the blog as a hobby to keep herself occupied in her free time and share her expertise in cooking authentic American food to others around her. Since then, She has been blogging under the pen name “Maria — The Soul Chef” as a passion project.

The blog has been known since 2015 on facebook and since growed a fanbase there of more than 2 millions fans and recipes followers across the United States and Canada.

We hope you’ll be satisfied with our recipes and share a quality time cooking them with your family.

Americaneagle-bikes Chief Redactor